Here are some paperbacks containing many quotes:

Quotes of Note
Quotes of Note: Brilliant Thoughts Arranged by Subject
1,947 quotes spanning all time from Aristotle to Wilde.
Quotes of Note is the perfect source for over 1,900 verified, fully-referenced quotations, famous sayings, maxims, mottoes, and speeches.
From Aristotle to Shakespeare, Quotes of Note contains the most famous, profound, and inspirational ideas of all history, with complete citations.

The Smartest Words Ever Spoken: 1001 Timeless Quotes
A collection of 1001 timeless quotes. Categories include: acceptance, achievement, action, attitude, change, choice, confidence, decision, desire, dreams, faith, fear, focus, forgiveness, friendship, goals, gratitude, happiness, hope, imagination, passion, patience, perception, persistence & perseverance, prosperity, relationships, responsibility, the law of attraction, thoughts, wealth, wisdom.

Quotable Quotes
A collection of words of wisdom, wry witticisms, provocative opinions, and inspiring reflections-from Benjamin Franklin to Colin Powell, Abraham Lincoln to Mother Teresa, Margaret Mead to Garrison Keillor.
From one of the most popular features of Reader’s Digest magazine.