Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under the tree - Charlotte Carpenter

Remember, if Christmas isn’t found in your heart, you won’t find it under the tree – Charlotte Carpenter

If you think that Christmas is all about what you find under the Christmas tree, then you are wrong.
Christmas isn’t just about getting presents; it’s about thinking about other people.

And here we aren’t talking about what gifts to get them but more about thinking of them in your heart, reaching out to them on this special day. Sometimes a simple hello, a phone call, a visit or a letter to say you are thinking of that person can make all the difference to them too.

And if you do get caught up in all of the frenzied present-buying hype, then you shouldn’t think “Oh, I HAVE to buy X a present” which sounds like an obligation. It should be I WANT to get X a present and to really think about what would make that person happy.