Life is what happens around you while you're busy looking at your phone

Wherever I go I see more and more people glued to their phones oblivious to what is happening around them.

Sometimes when I’m at a pub or restaurant I see a couple or a group of people together tapping away at their smartphones instead of interacting with the people that are in front of them.
Why did you bother to go out anyway?
You could have texted or read Facebook at home!

Or even as people slowly walk down the street with their head slightly bent down and eyes fixed to a small screen, they don’t notice all that is happening around them and this can be outright dangerous (think of accidents from not looking where they’re going).

It is unfortunate how people are evolving into technology zombies.

Why don’t you put down your smartphone when you are out with friends and family and just enjoy their company?
You can always text about it later.

Life is what happens around you
while you’re busy looking at your phone.

Have you seen or experienced this problem?